[premiere] Motsa shares immaculately produced cut, ‘Colours’

[premiere] Motsa shares immaculately produced cut, ‘Colours’ 4261 2841 Aaron Powell

I like most other people take for granted an ordinary, nice day. Everything is ticking over and everything is running smoothly, you’re exactly on time for work and you achieve a standard amount in the day. Well enough to fill you with a relatively normal level of self worth. 

It was on one of these nice, ordinary days I got the chance to listen to this track ‘Colours’ by Motsa. it’s immaculately produced, adhering to all the constructs of semi left field electronic dance music as well as being refreshingly simple and just a good, solid listen. If you’re of an age that you file things I suggest you slot this one somewhere in between SG Lewis and Bombay Bicycle Club.  

Pre-Order: http://believedigital.lnk.to/MOTSA-Petricolour-EP

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