An evening with: LANY

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Imagine you’re riding down a freeway in a convertible on the coast of California. The breeze is blowing against your face and your hair becomes undone; your aviators are slowly pressing against your eyelids. Your shirt blows against the air and you stick your hand out to the side, with the strong force of wind holding it back.

As you look to the left you see the deep, ocean blue crash against the beach. You smell that one seashore flavor as you drive, and you taste the salt against your lips. The clouds are cotton-candy like and blend with the pinkish sky. The warm rays of the sun hit your face and you feel… alive.

That’s what being at a LANY concert feels like.

On November 4th, LANY returned to the Wiltern in Los Angeles for a second round of sold out shows. As frontman, Paul Klein sang through the venue, his soft vocals drowned out the crude audience screams, and blended with the synths. With music blaring from the speakers that makes you feel like “you’re dancing in your underwear in an empty apartment with the one you love,” I felt as if I was melting.

The atmosphere of the venue differed throughout the songs played. During ‘Hericane,’ a heart-aching mellow song, everybody in the crowd embraced each other by wrapping their arms around one another. The 2000 or so capacity venue was made silent. As we swung from left to right to the beat and as the red flashing lights projected onto the stage screens, no phones were up. We all watched as Paul danced on the rose petal covered stage through our eyes – not on our screens. During more upbeat songs like ‘Super Far,’ though, the crowd screamed as Paul joined the pit. As he stood up on the hands of his fans, the crowd attracted towards him. It felt as if he was a magnet, and we were metallic.

Seeing LANY live made me somehow fall in love with them even more than I already had. They truly are a force that cannot be stopped. With “no radio play, no celebrity, no fame,” LANY is all future. Whether it was the energy, Paul’s beautiful vocals, or the flowers, this show was one to remember.

Words and images by Kacie Ta

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