an evening with: the frights

an evening with: the frights 1334 890 HQ

According to frontman Mikey Carnevale, The Frights started out as a joke.

One 6-song hometown set was supposed to played, and that was all. However, though, the band managed to get signed to a record label, and now they play anthems for a troubled and angsty teenage youth.

Surf punk trio The Frights played an energetic and upbeat set at The Observatory in Santa Ana. The venue smelled like an older brother’s bedroom, with sweat and hormones clearly present. It seemed as with every beat of Marc Finn’s drums, the audience got rowdier. Every verse shouted by Mikey resulted in one more person surfing against the crowd. A bass note played by Richard Dotson made the venue scream louder.

With songs that document the angst of being a teenager, it was clear that the songs reflected on the audience. “Growing up is suicide and it’s driving me insane!” the crowd yells as The Frights play their song, ‘Kids.’

Teens with ripped shirts and messy hair spewed The Frights’ lyrics from their mouths, dancing and moshing without a care in the world.

Words and images by Kacie Ta
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