Asket are not a fashion brand

Asket are not a fashion brand 7360 4912 HQ

You’ve already read the title, but allow us to reiterate on their behalf: Asket are not a fashion brand.

And to be honest, we’d like to keep it that way,” they claim. “Fashion has become too fast, constantly chasing trends and pushing multiple collections each season. It’s not for us. Instead, we pour all our time and energy into doing one thing really well – essentials.”
Featuring a single, permanent collection, full of all those aforementioned essentials, the Stockholm label position themselves as a refreshingly outside of trend-driven circles, focusing on timeless pieces that don’t go halves on quality. Pieces include: ‘the t-shirt’, ‘the sweatshirt’, ‘the marino sweater’, all of which are available in a range of colours. Due to the never-ending nature of the collection, pieces are tweaked and altered over time in response to consumers’ reception – which is lovely, isn’t it.
Shop the permanent collection here.

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