Berlin on film

Berlin on film 2867 1911 Jacob Flannery

Now one of the cultural epicentres within Europe, Berlin’s rigid history has moulded the capital into the diverse city it is today.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, both East and West have remained undivided, and whilst visible evidence of this separation acts as a stark reminder of a turbulent past, it also contrasts with how far the city has advanced.

Connected by a structured system of trains, trams, buses and a U-Bahn (underground), all areas within Berlin are made easily accessible for both tourist and its occupants. Surprisingly though, Berlin doesn’t feel as frantic and overwhelming as the likes of other European cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona. Most noticeably, this is because of its smaller population, but there also seems to be a more relaxed attitude to everyday life that is clear when you walk along its streets and notice businessmen clad in suits tucking into their  currywurst and locals casually sipping from bottles of Berliner Kindl on the pavement.  



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