Wherever you are in the world, the beach is always better. Even if you’re lucky to find yourself oceanside, you know that somewhere – far, far away – there’s a distant, sandy shore that’s slightly more idyllic than yours. The beach is aspiration gone ultimate. There’s always a next high.

For US label Brixton, this is clearly something they understand. For their Summer ’17 collection, the brand are digging deep into their Californian roots with a line that celebrates skate, surf and beach culture with a mandatory Cali cool. Think seasonal colour palettes, clean silhouettes and a range of accessories; after all, if you’re going to engage in sun-soaked wanderlust, you may as well look the part.

Take a look at some images from the lookbook below, which – by the looks of things, at least – can’t have been too taxing to shoot.  Tough job, but someone’s gotta.