Cailin Russo shares debut single ‘September Rose’

Cailin Russo shares debut single ‘September Rose’ 5760 3840 Niall Flynn

In her Volume #17 interview, Cailin Russo declared that the sounds soon coming our way would conform to the idea of “cruising music”. With debut single September Rose, it’s clear that she meant it.

The track is sun-soaked and glorious, unravelling with a strung-out, West Coast swagger. Sonically, September Rose exists as pop meets nu-soul and r&b – Russo’s first musical offering is a confident, musical entanglement, showcasing her ability as a songwriter over a hazy, beachside production. It’s cool – so very, very cool – and she’s got us excited for what’s next.

Listen to the track below.

Read our exclusive interview with Cailin, only in Volume #17. Get your copy here.

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