In discussion with PVRIS: “I don’t think anything’s perfect, I don’t think anything should be”

4344 2896 Staff Writer

As soon as I enter the back entrance of the venue, away from the cold and the dark of an ever present English autumn I’m greeted by a flurry of…

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Rockin around the indie Christmas tree

1363 623 Brigid Harrison-Draper

It’s 2017, Father Christmas is wearing Doc Martens and a stripy turtle neck

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Searching for a music scene in London with Childcare

1504 1003 Sara Feigin

how to take the bull by the horns in London

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Peace want you to swear to care about mental health in young people

4914 3299 Tanyel Gumushan

watch the video for latest single, ‘From Under Liquid Glass’

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Getting into the same headspace as QTY

6643 4456 Tanyel Gumushan

who knows where their debut album will take you

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an evening with: Kasabian

1273 849 James Harker

it might be cold outside, but inside Birmingham arena things were hotting up

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Why collaboration in music is the way forward

2400 1600 Joti Desour

Conclusion: collaborations are to 2017 what avocados are to the millennial food world. Ripe AF and absolutely everywhere.

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BAUM’s Holiday Gift Survival Guide

5616 3744 Tanyel Gumushan

if you’re stuck for gifts – no fear!

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tmrw meets Blaenavon

1737 1146 Tanyel Gumushan

talking terrapins, fairytales and dry roasted peanuts with the trio

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Drawing TRACES’ “Heart of Gold” EP

2048 1760 Tanyel Gumushan

his older brother explores the tracks

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an evening with: the frights

1334 890 Staff Writer

teens with ripped shirts and messy hair spewed The Frights’ lyrics from their mouths, dancing and moshing without a care in the world. 

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Listening Sessions Label: A Shift in the Birmingham Narrative

2048 1365 Staff Writer

Kristian Birch-Hurst expresses his love for a label breaking through in the “second city”

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