Clay will make you sway with ‘Saint’

Clay will make you sway with ‘Saint’ 2997 2000 Tanyel Gumushan

The latest track from Clay will make you feel something. ‘Saint’ is half swooning ballad and half oddball trip.

A delicious slice of sensuous RnB; hypnotic vocals ‘you only call me when it’s half past wine’ spill into gospel tinged harmonies.

With slick electronic clicks and a night-time sultriness to the rhythm, ‘Saint’ adorns a devilish coat, and steps with subtle swagger.

Clay conduct a brooding hook, made to be sang aloud. It’s one that makes you crave the moment where you sway with one arm around a mate, and the other raising your phone and draining the battery by using the flashlight feature.

Front-man, Joe Harvey says:

“‘Saint’, for us, symbolises our musical ambition. It’s a real statement of intent. Progression is something we value highly in our music and lyrically, the track is a direct response to our previous single ‘6AM’. It’s about offering alternate perspective to that story.”

You’d think that with their name, that Clay could be mould into a typical shape. The coolest indie kids? Perhaps. The electro-pop wonders? Sure. The alternative rock rebels? There’s that essence.

Yet, Clay have modelled their sound into their very own shape and it’s one that makes them stand out from the rest.

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