an evening with Bear’s Den

an evening with Bear’s Den 5760 3840 James Kelly

At their biggest headline show to date, Bear’s Den packed their performance with the folk rock sounds of frustrated love.

Playing a sold out Eventim Apollo, the band pulled songs from latest offering, Red Earth & Pouring Rain and debut, Islands, creating a connection with the audience that felt effortless.

Opening with the latest title track, the fifteen song dynamic set featured melancholic lows during songs like ‘Elysium’, ‘Stubborn Beast’ and latest single, ‘Greenwoods Bethlehem’. Whilst old favourites ‘The Love We Stole’ and ‘Magdalene’ allowed euphoric mass crowd sing-alongs.

The 80s synth sound that runs throughout the latest record transformed ‘Gabriel’, ‘Emeralds’ and ‘Broken Parable’ into raw, electric guitar driven performances. Though nothing could beat the elated reactions just from the first notes of ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’ and ‘Love We Stole’.

Andrew Davie didn’t say much throughout the show. Confessing, “I don’t have any words for tonight”, before the encore. But he couldn’t – the crowd drowned out any further words he may of said with applaud and cheers.

Returning with an unplugged, stripped back version of ‘Bad Blood’, the entire audience were bought to silence. Except for the cathartic release of delicately whispering the chorus.

Finishing on ‘Agape’ felt like a fitting end of brilliance.


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