an evening with: Future Islands

an evening with: Future Islands 1131 755 Jacob Flannery

Samuel T Herring is a frontman in every sense of the word.

Breaking the mould, his wild and impulsive moves may resemble the floundering  of a man dancing his way through a mid-life crisis, but they uniquely define Future Island’s live performances like no other synthpop band out there.

Beating his chest, flinging himself to the floor and jumping across the stage, Herring’s shirt turns shades darker before it begins to drip with sweat.  The raw energy he injects, never lets up and whilst his theatrics hold the attention of their audience, the band raised on a single platform behind him provide thumping beats and euphoric sounds.

Technicolor lighting and smoke machines create a rainbow of colours inside Manchester’s Apollo, that embody the starry eyed lyrics and uplifting melodies Future Islands create. ‘Cave’ taken from their latest album, The Far Field, proves to be a clear favourite, suggesting the band have succeeded in building upon their thrilling career rise.

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