‘Face Like Thunder’ by The Japanese House is an upbeat tapestry of 80’s alternative pop

‘Face Like Thunder’ by The Japanese House is an upbeat tapestry of 80’s alternative pop 900 600 HQ

“Face Like Thunder”, the latest offering from The Japanese House reveals Amber’s perspective on times when love is such a poignant intermingling of pain and beauty that one is shaken to their core by the sheer gravity of the relational situation.

Amber Bain’s voice lends itself to a beautiful sense of sober longing, despite finding itself surrounded by sugary, happy sounds which allow her strong voice to thrive. The song centres around drawn out, double edged phrases like “Baby, you’ve got a face like thunder”, sung against a curtain of strange blips of sound interwoven throughout a consistent and upbeat tapestry of 80’s alternative pop with echoing drum kit and reverberating electric guitar.

The Japanese House constructs a sonic image portraying the inherent human power and destruction contained within the frame of a lover. Here, there is sublime awe and fear at the booming echoes from their eyes. We wonder if we’ll survive the storm or watch as the signalled lightning destroys all that we hold dear. The gravity and fear of the situation that is deeply relatable is summed up in her line “I said something terrible, and I tried to redeem it” and brought to a piercing lightning strike of a conclusion in the closing lines, “And you don’t care for your receipt / You said it’s a debt that you can’t be reprieved”.

Words by Conor Sweetman

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