First Look: Youngr’s one-take ‘Drive’ video

George Griffiths /
Apr 20, 2018 / Music

Youngr just wants to make music

And he wants his music to make people happy. You can hear it, om his deftly-titled LP This Is Not An Album on a single like ‘Ooh Lordy,’ which works hard at trying to capture that moment of bliss.

“That song is trying to capture a feeling,” Youngr told us over the phone. “I was at a festival and everyone was just in the moment, enjoying themselves. No-one had their phones out or anything. The song’s about trying to capture the essence of that moment.”

‘Drive’ captures a similar feeling to ‘Ooh Lordy,’ and the one-take video sees Youngr flit gloriously from instrument to instrument, crafting layer upon layer of the funky track, from the drums to a guitar, to his loops vocally cooly saying ‘you and me should take a drive sometime.’

It’s a sonic landscape that transforms into a funk paradise, and the video conveys just how much of himself Youngr puts into his music, as both the producer and the star.

We can’t even play the recorder properly, so seeing one man playing all those instruments AND singing a really nice song all in one-take is a bit intimidating. Luckily, Youngr is lovely, we can personally attest to this.

We even asked him what his perfect day off would be;

“I’d probably take my dog out for a walk with my girlfriend. Our dog’s a sausage dog.”

A sausage dog! Actually amazing.

The song is taken from Youngr’s second effort, This Is Not An Album, which is out and which we covered in more detail with Youngr before.

Watch the one-take video for ‘Drive’ below and remember you’ll never be this cool.

This Is Not An Album is available now via Island Records

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Words by George Griffiths

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