Introducing: Matoma

Mollie Mansfield /
Mar 2, 2017 / Music

On his way to Paris, ready to play the 9th show of his Party at Your Place world tour, pulled up in a petrol garage, desperate for coffee (and drifting in and out of his native Norwegian to request some from his tour manager) – it’s clear Matoma’s life is as busy as you’d expect.

After playing at over a dozen venues on his fall tour, he has taken the world under his belt for his 25-date spring world tour. And after collaborative releases with artists like The Vamps and Becky Hill, it’s no wonder he’s sold out every venue.

The crowd has grown with the music and also I think that my music from day one has also evolved a lot sonically.

But, also for me, it’s all about being creative and doing new stuff and getting to know new people and interact with new people and spread my music further and basically just spread the love. So the crowd has increased with that, and also my fan base and everything, but what I’ve seen is that everyone has a connection, because everyone is so positive and energetic.

And why wouldn’t they be? Revelling in tropical house and popular dance music, Matoma provides tracks suitable for clubs, raves, as well as the everyday downer in need of a lift. So, it’s no wonder that everyone in his crowd acts as though they are rapidly falling in love with each other.

It’s a feeling Matoma induces without the 30 quid-a-bag price tag, and wouldn’t condone the substances regardless. Instead of focusing on the drug-pool and stereotypes you get in the rave scene, he focuses on releasing good music, and becoming the purest role model he can be.

I try to be a good role model for my fans and for the people that listen to my music. If I want to post a picture on the internet I have to make sure it’s suitable for all ages, because a lot of artists do it but a lot of artists also don’t do it, they don’t think twice about what they’re posting so maybe some of the content they’re posting is not suitable for kids and also older people.

This has become even more prominent since Matoma has worked with a variety of different artists. You wouldn’t want fans of The Vamps looking at your Instagram to find a photo of you in a hot-tub surrounded by naked women, would you.

However, not everything in Matoma’s life is as thought through as his social media profiles. Especially when it comes to creating music, Matoma has a very relaxed mode of production.

I just go in the room and I write music that’s inspired me in that moment. So sometimes, I make music that’s very different from other sessions that I have, it’s just for me when I’m in the studio, making music that connects in that moment –it’s a moment of passion and a moment of creativity. 

I’m being able to work with the best songwriters, best producers, best artists in the world, that makes me inspired. So, when I get in the room, I think the result is different every single time. Sometimes it’s tropical, sometimes it’s housey, sometimes its disco, sometimes it’s future house. It depends, but I think that every artist and every producer has their sound so for me it’s very important that when people listen to my music they can tell it’s Matoma.

Despite this affect not immediately kicking in when he first started out, with official remixes of tracks such as Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime and recurrent festival appearances, the Norwegian producer has now made that ideology a reality.

With his infectious mature-pop beats making home on our radios and being present in our lives in so many other ways (“playing Coachella when I brought out Ja Rule, Akon, Sean Paul and Madcon, producing a track together with Jason Derulo, going to the top 50 on Spotify, going to the top 40 on radio worldwide, I’m so lucky to be in a position where I can live out my dream”), it’s unlikely for us to not know what that true Matoma sound is.

And even if you haven’t seen any of these milestones, or, somehow, have forgotten that true Matoma sound – his new single coming out next month will give you the reminder that you need.

Words by Mollie Mansfield

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