You have to pay attention to Daniel Caesar’s album

Alex Slater /
Aug 28, 2017 / Music

When we heard Kendall Jenner say Daniel Caesar’s new album was going to be good, we HAD to pay attention.

If a placement as next month Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist is anything to go by, it could be believed that Daniel Caesar is on his way to something special.

Especially with his cool name.

The man is often described as a stripped-down R&B singer, but pure and simple, it’s more blues than rhythm. Sure, there are songs that could almost be considered catchy in Daniel’s latest masterpiece, Freudion, such as ‘We Find Love’, but for the majority of the songs, they come across as a stream of consciousness, given to us by some power way beyond our comprehension… obviously.

Lines flow into the next, in a very ‘Frank Ocean-y’ way. If you put ‘Ivy’, one of Frank ocean’s greatest, side-by-side with ‘Get you’, a highlight of Daniel’s new album, you’d struggle to find flaws in the latter’s quality in comparison with the prior.

Of course, Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean are not the same. Subject matter changes, their background is different, and style isn’t always identical.  But.

HOT DAYUM, they’re super similar and both super good. Right? It’s not just me? Good.

*C’mon Alex focus on the damn album*

Anyway, the album.

It’s the same Daniel Caesar many of us have grown to love, a soulful take on life and love. His stuff reminds me of those wet love songs you’d hear and cringe at, except somehow, via some sort of magic, Daniel managed to make them sound good.

‘We find love’ is a personal favourite. It should be your mum’s favourite too, your dads, your grandads, even your dogs. Okay maybe not your grandads, that’s a little far-fetched.

It’s a beautiful song revolving around the breakdown of a relationship and its summary, rolled into one. The course of a relationship tied in a nice four line shaped package, as ‘we find love, we get up, we fall down, we give up’.

Repetition at its finest.

Across the album, similar soundbites of absolute gold are found, it’s 100% worth a listen, 1000% worth a listen if you’re into Frank Ocean.

Words by Alex Slater

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