Georgia Meek is real and honest in ‘Black Dog’

Georgia Meek is real and honest in ‘Black Dog’ 960 960 Christian Graham

Georgia Meek is an artist that attaches deeply personal experiences in her music.

The singer-songwriter shows honest feelings that artists of today rarely project.

Latest single, ‘Black Dog’, proves that it’s important for people to speak up about feeling discomfort in situations and the single is an ode to this. A deep ascending ominous riff resembles as Georgia battles to keep afloat. Emerging from the dark, poignant lyrics detail; “I can’t get myself out of bed in the morning, it all feels so hard with this Black Dog on my shoulder”.

Ambient tones are reinforced by its sparse percussion and Meek’s smooth vocals, which are manipulated and layered to create a choir-like intensity. Rich influences like Banks and Lykke Li are presented in the flesh, and the lyrical progression provides as a lifeline and a delicate reflection of battling depression.

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