Hazel Hurley is making art that questions how we see the world

4096 2695 Eliza Frost

The female body and those that gaze upon is like an intertwined tale as old as time.

Where are we looking? What are we looking at? What does it make us think? Artists have explored these questions and the feminine body in the form of art since the creation of art itself. And they will continue to do so today, tomorrow, ten years from now.

Humans, persons, limbs, legs and lobes – every inch of the body has been an inspiration or muse or has been the focal point of interest to an artist at one point or another. And this includes Hazel Hurley.

Hazel Hurley is a photographer who showcases the female form both from the perspective of the male gaze and also from that of other women, using social media and what it has brought to society as an inspiration. Voyeuristic tendencies as a result of social platforms are themes which Hazel plays with throughout her work, and a theme which continues to arise as she uses her imagination to explore threads of youth, femininity and trauma to create insightful and impactful pieces.

With a technicolour delicacy, Hazel’s intimate and breathtaking imagery show just who she is as an artist. Splitting her time between her studio in Buckinghamshire, and developing her career in Los Angeles, Hazel’s photography is inspired by seeking new perspectives in order to see the world a little differently. In these images, portraying a feeling of pain yet power, it is clear she is offering new perspectives to a narrative we view in art regularly.

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