‘International’ is Drones Club’s Universal Fanfare

‘International’ is Drones Club’s Universal Fanfare 960 960 Tanyel Gumushan

Drones Club is much bigger than you could even imagine.

From the outside, they may be a trio from Tottenham making rave music. But really, Drones Club is an ever-growing collective that will tempt you in to an alternate world with crocodiles and gut-wrenching truth in their political electronic ballads.

There are no boundaries to their music, no limits to their experimentation, and no shit taken in their message. What else would you expect from a group who crashed London Fashion Week in boiler suits, and handed out lambs’ hearts to Tory conference attendees in symbolic demand for compassion?

‘International’ is their universal fanfare, calling out to inform and recruit you to their way of life. The hook of the single word, ‘International’, almost taunts into your subconscious, growing frenetic and leading. Beats zap like laser quest guns, beaming on their targets of angelic harmonies.

Injected with dystopia and forever tireless, Drones Club are formidable and brave from their futuristic vision of a united future. It’s the club that wants you, and yeah, you probably need them.

karma cola uk

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