Josephine Oniyama’s ‘Til You’ is a joy

964 643 Alex Pearson

Manchester’s soulful chanteuse Josephine Oniyama has released her first single ‘Til You’ from her as-yet untitled sophomore album.

Josephine’s musical career began at the age of 12 with the purchasing of a guitar by her mother, a moment cast as the catalyst for the success that would come in the future.

Her soulful indie pop is blissfully joyful to listen to you should really be adding this track to your relaxing playlist and just sit and do nothing all day.

On the new single, Josephine says: “’Til You’ is a really special track for me. It’s about self-affirmation, about being comfortable in your own skin. And in the end that is the best time to really bond with other people and make relationships work and grow; when you finally know who you are and can help other people grow too.”

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