To Kill A King take on Europe

To Kill A King take on Europe 1328 747 Tanyel Gumushan

Last month, To Kill A King took their live show around Europe.

In support of latest single, ‘Spiritual Dark Age’; a high energy, truth-declaring folk rock rampage of today, the shows provide a place for cathartic release and frenzied freedom from the corporate arms and modern menaces. It, like them, is a song that is quite simply unstoppable. Declaring their prowess in every song that they release, this is band that have relentlessly written sincerely for fans, created music and plugged in their guitars for live shows.

To Kill A King can’t be tamed as they prepare to release their third album due early 2018, with a string of UK tour dates to open the year.

Here’s what they got up to in Europe.

“Day One and the Belgian beer slipped down so easily.”

“Your conductor, Mr Ben Jackson.”

“Ralph looking moody during our 2 Meter Session in Holland.”

“He likes to play.”

“Getting stuck on our way to Amsterdam.”

“A warning to anyone going out in Amsterdam.”

“We don’t want to talk about this.”

“And then we played this castle.”

“And it was beautiful. Thanks @ barelyhuman for the snap.”

“By this point the 3 bottles of peppermint drink the locals bought us was long gone.”

“The next venue was the Elbtunnel in Hamburg.”

“Reeperbahn Festival – it was hot, it was loud, it was in a bunker.”

“The crowd at our tunnel gig, but what is more interesting here is Ralph’s tiny left hand. Very presidential.”

“Off the north coast of Germany the island of Wangerooge. Brutally beautiful.”

“Last night in Hamburg with new friends.”

“Does Grant like to rock? 2 Meter Sessions.”

“Some amazing art from Lisanne.”

“Last show in Rotterdam. After which we drove home, missed our train and had to sleep in the van for seven hours. Oh the glamour of touring.”

“Ben loves German beaches.”

“Do Grant and Taffel like to rock? – peppermint drink times.”

“When the walls are in tune with your feelings.”

“When you send your friends a picture and they send some back.”

“All good things must come to an end.”

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