Martin Luke Brown shares ’65 Roses’

Martin Luke Brown shares ’65 Roses’ 1500 811 Niall Flynn

Martin Luke Brown is back with new music –and it’s his most personal to date. The Leicester-born artist has shared 65 Roses, a moving tribute to his ex-girlfriend, who passed away after suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Speaking on the song, MLB said: “My favourite songs have always been the most raw & honest ones. I know at times that I’ve been scared of being too much of either for fear of becoming vulnerable or lame or something, I dunno.

Anyway, this is a sad song, but sad songs aren’t so sad when others find comfort in them. This is 65 Roses. For Emma. ” 

65 Roses is a hauntingly beautiful take on love, loss and tragedy, featuring MLB’s delicate falsetto with only a piano to accompany. It’s insular to the extent that you could question the appropriateness of listening, with his voice seemingly on the edge of cracking with each haunting note. It’s a supremely personal piece of songwriting.

The artist has teamed up with a number of Cystic Fibrosis charities for the release in a hope to build awareness on the condition. It’s a gorgeous piece of music that comes from a place of raw and unadulterated feeling.

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