Pharrell Williams launches G-Star Raw suit collection

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Pharrell Williams’s role at G-Star Raw is ‘Head of Imagination’.

Let that sink in for a moment. Head of Imagination. If that doesn’t sound like the best job in the world, then I’m stumped as to what is. Head. Of. Imagination. Sign me up. ‘Sure, I’ve loved my time as Dream Consultant, and had a great time as Director of Stars and Rainbows, but I’ve got my eyes on the big time, boys and girls.’ Head! Of! Imagination!

Anyhow. As part of his aforementioned role, Pharrell has unveiled the brand’s latest drop: the G-Star Raw suit collection. Taking traditional patterns and tailoring from those at Savile Row and reframing it within the origins of streetwear, the new line is a boundary pusher.

Speaking following the release at ComplexCon, Pharrell said: ‘“Like everything we do at G-Star RAW, this collection is rooted in our dedication to finding fresh and unique takes on the every day “I love the unexpected combination of mixing traditional workwear styles with tailoring prints, but more than that I love what it represents: a democracy of fashion.”

Sounds like a man who loves his job. Or at least that’s what we’d imagine.

The suits will be available in April 2018 –  a look at some images below.

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