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“We have been traveling a whole bunch, I have compiled a series of photos from over the last month, having been in Australia, Japan, France and Spain in this time. We are blessed to travel with what we do. Here are some moments we have had” – Parcels 




1. when our stage was stormed at woodford folk festival, so intensely that we thought it was going to collapse and then we lost all sound.

2. our drummer toto and manager birger taking in the first light of the new year, having stayed up to watch the sunrise on the hill with all the other festival goers. a very special morning indeed. 

3. our final australian show last year, at the same intimate venue in which we had played our first ever show. 


4. after a month in australia we decided to stop over in tokyo on our way back to europe. we played a show and spent some days exploring the unique streets.

5.having not seen louie for some time, we stumbled across him by himself in a cute restaurant, with a bed included…

6. teriyaki house in tokyo. the meal we ordered took a solo chef and his wife one hour to make. well worth the wait.

7. Jules got some badges!

8. running out to shibuya square, the most hectic crossing in the world, to get a photo in the chaos. meanwhile a newly wedded couple, still in their wedding dress and tux, have the same idea two meters to our left. 

9. our favourite bar in the world. we finally arrived at this wooden box with records all over the wall that would be played on homemade speakers. one silent appreciating barman made the selections and poured fine japanese whisky all night long.

1o. parcels looking as quick and agile as ever.

11. Manager Birger saw this poster, and for some reason ran straight up to it, pulled the face. I was there capture the moment.


12. back in berlin after a month in dreamy australian summer and neon tokyo. sure ain’t warm!

13. after the crazy australia/japan travels we headed off to barcelona to begin our next adventure.

14. and then to paris for a ‘summer’ photo shoot… in 0 degree weather.

karma cola uk

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