Vitamin, the 4 indie pop upstarts from that reputable powerhouse of cultural excellence (Leeds) return with jangly ballad ‘We Breathe Fire’ from their ‘To Believe’ EP out November 20th. Currently on tour with Sundara Karma, Vitamin are cementing themselves as an industry staple with their short, sharp pop hits, bleached hair and tight jeans.

New single ‘We Breathe Fire’ continues on the same tangent as previous track ‘To Believe’ filling the ears of tween girls everywhere with infectious vocal hooks and shimmering soundscapes in the style of The 1975 and Haim.


“We Breathe Fire is our party tune on the ‘To Believe’ EP! We went for something more obviously guitar based and driving for it to reflect that feeling of excitement you get before a night out. It’s all about hyping your mate to come and party with you and that when you’re out together anything is possible.” – Vitamin

Filmed on a dodgy 90s camcorder in a mood lit ware house, ‘We Breathe Fire’ embodies the spirit of wasted youth with a confidence that only comes from experimentation and several regrettable late nights out. This track is far from a fire breathing Wurm rather a vibrant tropical reptile, silky, smooth and with a vibrant twist. adhering to stereotypical notions of stereotypical indieness while carving its own distinct path.

Vitamin leave nothing to be desired. They are exactly what they profess to be, imbuing boyish naivete with delightful charm to create their very own brand of guitar pop music with a definite British edge.

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