Wes Anderson trump cards are our new favourite thing

Wes Anderson trump cards are our new favourite thing 1920 1080 HQ

We regret to inform you that you have not truly played trump cards until you have played Wes Anderson trump cards.

Coming courtesy of the folks over at Belly Kids, the eponymous new game gives the Anderson universe – symmetry, colour palettes and all – a new life in the form of the popular playing cards.

‘Ah, trump cards, I remember playing those as a kid,’ you say, like the ignorant, brainwashed puppet that you are. See, you may think you know trump cards, but you do not. You never did. It’s not a game of trump cards until you’ve defeated your opponent by pitting Richie Tenenbaum’s family troubles against Steve Zizzou’s and celebrated by playing ‘Ooh La La’ by The Faces at full volume and toasting to incest and unresolved trauma. Thankfully, now you can really begin to live.

Check ’em out here.

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