‘Why I Shoot 90s’

‘Why I Shoot 90s’ 1094 1500 HQ

One of the greatest things about photography is being able to capture a moment that can tease a viewer’s emotions and imagination. A moment that could take you back to last week or, in my case, back to an era that shaped and sparked my creativity. Here’s why I love the 90s and how it brings back some nostalgic feelings on a recent fashion shoot I did.



Clothes were bigger, films were better and the world had Oasis.

I’m 27 now but I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I miss coming home from school, opening a packet of crisps and watching back to back fresh prince and Hey Arnold. The simple, finer details of my brief 90s youth are what stand out for me today – they helped inspire the thinking behind this shoot. I remember my dad driving me to football every Sunday morning, the sounds of the cardigans, James and garbage blaring out on the radio – not to mention my older sisters obsession with Hanson.

Looking back on it now, I think it was a time when people weren’t afraid to experiment with fashion and identity, especially within youth culture. For me, it wasn’t until the mid to late 90s when I began to find my first creative outlets. I started listening to American punk and emo. I went from footy, brit-pop lad to moody skater kid  – and loved every minute of it. The release of the Playstation in 94 and the hours spent playing Tony Hawks 1 and 2 May have had something to do with that. As geeking as it sounds, those two games were the soundtrack to my youth and showed me not to be afraid of being different and exploring different creative outlets.

Music and Film have always played a big part in my photography and the 90s had it all. Grunge, brit pop, The Lion King and Pulp Fiction to name a few, but it’s really all those great teen movies and girl band crushes that inspired me the most on this shoot. Think Liv Tyler, Julie Stiles and Brittany Murphy.

I’d like to thank Leanne Allen (model), Hettie Rose (model), Amie Williams (make up) and Antonia Cometa (Hair and stylist), for being incredible and sharing this concept.

Andreas x

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