Volume No 28
The Introspection Issue

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At tmrw we like to frame each print volume around a certain subject or point of interest. It gives us something to focus our content on and allows the tmrw team to voice fresh ideas, opinions and concepts. This issue is no different and our subject matter this month is ‘Introspection & Observation’. At this time of year it would’ve been easy for us to just look back at 2018 or look forward to 2019 with loose compliments or praise but in true tmrw fashion we wanted to delve deeper into the thought provoking events that have caught our attention.

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Kris Wu — Behind The Scenes

See exclusive behind the scenes with our volume No 26 coverstar Kris Wu

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Digital Features

Jan 19, 2019 / Opinion

Why I’m turned off
by porn

The horny adolescent boy’s insatiable appetite for sexual release is the butt of many jokes about deleted search histories, danger wanks and soggy biscuits.

Jan 18, 2019 / Music

is out today

Multiplatinum pioneer Future is one of the most prolific artists of this era, and one of the very few who's groundbreaking sonic legacy spawns for longer than a decade. His highly anticipated seventh full-length studio album: ‘THE WIZRD’ is out today.

Jan 18, 2019 / Culture

Love from down under
Meet Cub Sport

Cub Sport's third self-titled album is out today. As with most albums of it’s kind, it signals not a new start, but the next steps in the career of the band, written without anything to hide; openly queer.

Jan 17, 2019 / Music

everyone wants to be best friends
with Hinds

Waking up from a Hinds hangover is like no other, and there is no other like Hinds. This Spanish rock band know how to party, know how to make music, and definitely know how to make sure everyone around them is having the time of their lives.

Jan 16, 2019 / Music

moody synth pads, atonal brass sections and unnerving narratives
meet Jazzboy

It’s no easy task finding a suitable musical reference to compare with Jazzboy’s niche. The music made by the boy behind the jazz, Jules Cassignol, sounds more reminiscent of eighties horror scores than a conventional release. After recently sharing his debut EP, ‘Jesus Jazz’, the virtues boredom, solo artists, and his infamous ‘Jazzodrome’ nights.

Jan 15, 2019 / Culture

Changing the narrative
Meet Katherine McNamara

In the crux of Trump America when immigrant families were being separated and harassed by ICE officers, The Fosters premiered their immigration storyline episodes. This show and this network are openly bringing up the anxiety-inducing state of affairs going on in the world, but they did it unapologetically and with emotion that was hard to look away from.

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